Zami (pronounced Zamē) is one Southern-California artist with an incredibly keen understanding of the Hip-Hop culture. Zami’s savvy clearly projected through the works of his career since 2008. Hailing from the West Coast and retaining a career in the Music Industry for over 8 years, he’s not only an extraordinary artist, but a prime example of what a student of the game looks like.

Zami was born in Orange County (The Juice), California. Raised in the medium paced environment of the suburbs, he explored the art of Deejaying for much of his adolescent life. He quickly went on to explore the evolution of his music career in Toronto at the age of 18 which led to him securing his first record deal in Detroit, Michigan – This is where Zami began a career in song writing and lyrically blessing booths. Since then Zami has touched stages from Chicago to Orlando all the way back to his home town of Anaheim, California, where he opened a commercial Recording Studio called “Good Guy Music Group” ( in 2012.

Zami’s music is packed with influence from across the billboard spectrum, however still contains the essentials of the underground, garnished with a splash of untouched originality. The clever wordplay and versatility are only the beginning of this sure-to-be star’s artistic talents. With enough years under his belt to move up a pant size, this born suburban-turned-urban middleweight MUST be heard to truly understand. Zami’s latest contribution to the Hip-Hop community is his movement #NothingButLove. The hash tag is a statement which encompasses the artist’s most noble ideals.

Zami is currently back in the The Juice and is set to release his first Mixtape in over 4 years titled, “Torontofornia” (set to be released on February 14th 2015).